[syslinux] Problem with booting disk images

Hunter Cobbs hunter.cobbs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 18:30:50 PDT 2006

This may be a dumb question...  But why are you trying to use GRUB and
Memdisk?  Or is memdisk failing and your computer is attempting to boot from
another device?

Basically (feel free to correct me) memdisk is used to boot MSDOS-formatted
floppy images.  If you're image has GRUB, then there's really no reason to
use the disk image to control the boot since SYSLinux is a boot loader unto

On 6/14/06, Michael Blandford <mlblandf at sedona.ch.intel.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> We are having problems booting disk images and are looking for a little
> help.
> Here is the screen capture of what we see:
> http://www.kmaclub.com/syslinux/largefloppy.png
> We have also tried using images from
> http://severinterrier.free.fr/Boot/ImgBoot/ with a similar result.
> Basically, memdisk loads the images and then it hangs.
> label linux
>         kernel memdisk
>         append initrd=newfloppy.ima floppy c=5 s=32 h=64
> Any thoughts?  What other kind of information would be helpful in
> debugging this issue?
> Michael
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