[syslinux] Samples files for comboot and default

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Mar 2 09:02:26 PST 2006

Kenneth Vandbæk wrote:
> Hi
> Does subject exist?
> Is it possible to get MAC address, video card, RAM and the storage of a harddrive by using comboot? And can some one help me?

Yes, at least for the primary harddrive (beyond that it gets messy, and 
is probably better done from Linux.)  Finding the types of harddisk 
*controllers*, though, is pretty easy as long as it's PCI (and not, say 
USB) -- just walk the device tree.

MAC address is available from the PXE stack; video card and disk 
controller from the PCI device tree; RAM from BIOS interrupt 15h 
AX=0E820h and hard disk size from BIOS interrupt 13h, all of which are 
accessible from comboot.

Right now there is no support in comboot to walk for example USB device 
trees (although you could always assume usb-storage and 1394 storage 
should be loaded up, of course.)  That's partially because USB and 
Firewire enumeration is a *lot* more complex than PCI enumeration.


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