[syslinux] Problems booting from cd

Ian Leonard ian at smallworld.cx
Tue May 2 12:54:37 PDT 2006


I have a cd building system that has worked for ages. I made lots of
changes before I noticed that it now produces non-bootable cd's. I made
changes to the files that went on the cd rather than the programs than
buildings the isos (mainly mkisofs). The cd's don't fail on all 
machines. It seems to be a combination of motherboard and cd drive. At 
boot time, the cd light flashes quickly before it tries to boot from the 

Looking through this lists archive I see a couple of people have had 
similar problems. Suggestions range from the amount of data on the cd's 
and avoiding the Joliet extensions. I have tried the latter with no 
luck. I am producing a two cd set so the first disk is quite full.

I have tried to go back to the previous working version but the change 
that did the damage must be quite subtle and I can't fix it.

As I said, this seem similar to problems experienced by others. I would 
be keen to know if they got the problems solved.


Ian Leonard

Please ignore spelling and punctuation - I did.

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