[syslinux] PXE -> tftp -> WinPE vs NForce 4

Eli Stair estair at ilm.com
Thu May 11 13:31:08 PDT 2006

This is a quietly-acknowledged issue at Nvidia... It actually comes down to
the vendor/mfgr using "old" versions of the Nvidia-provided PXE bios.  I
dealt with this with several hundred HP xw9300 workstations.  Good news:
it's fixed with several versions of the PXE BIOS code from Nvidia.  The bad
news, it un-fixes  and requires an even MORE recent/patched version on newer
revisions of the same hardware.

Contact your vendor to get a test/beta/new release of the SBIOS code that
contains the "fixed" version of the NV PXE code for your hardware.  In fact,
I remember now someone asked me on the list for details of what versions of
the PXE code fixed the issue... If anyone wants details on the xw9300's
contact me again :)


On 5/11/06 1:08 PM, "Gustavo Guillermo Pérez" <gustavo at compunauta.com>

> El Domingo, 26 de Marzo de 2006 18:30, Eli Stair escribió:
>> There are issues with a number of versions of the PXE BIOS used on the NIC
>> hardware for NF4 and 2200 chipsets.  Those I've run into mask the IRQ or
>> some registers, and after booting the hardware can be seen but isn't
>> controllable.  Worse is the fact that in every instance I've seen this it's
>> semi-random.
> Bios Updates Works for me on Asus series that updates PXE too.

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