[syslinux] Windows on IDE, Linux on SCSI, bad BIOs can syslinux help?

Jago Pearce jago25 at gmail.com
Fri May 12 11:45:23 PDT 2006

Hello to the list!

Someone said I could use syslinux to get GRUB to boot SCSI and/or IDE.

My problem is that I have Windows on IDE (XP) and Linux on SCSI
(Ubuntu). When GRUB is on the SCSI drive it can't see the IDE drive,
possibly because the BIOs doesn't support that. So I have to go into
the BIOs and change the boot order on every O/S change.

Will I just have the same problem as using GRUB?

Any suggestions on how to get round this problem? Can I boot an O/S
just to boot another?

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