[syslinux] ethereal log of PXE bootup

Ed Sutter esutter at lucent.com
Fri Oct 20 05:27:50 PDT 2006

>>> Actually, the vast majority of all stacks do not need any Vendor 
>>> Encapsulated Options.
>> Ok, then I'm totally confused (not unusual).
>> According to section 2.3 of the pxespec I grabbed from Intel, VSO #6 
>> has bits that I can set to tell the client to just pull down the file 
>> specified by the
>> BOOTFILE entry of normal DHCP.  I tried that and it seemed to work.
>> What am I doing wrong?
> I don't know, because you're not saying what you're doing.  You're only 
> telling me what you're not doing.

Sorry, lemme start over...
I'm attempting to put a PXELinux facility into uCon (a tool I wrote that
folks can download).  The tool already has a DHCP and TFTP server, so I'm
hoping it won't be too big of a task to add at least a subset of PXELinux
to this.  I've added the "tsize" option negotiation to my TFTP server, and
have successfully configured my DHCP server to interact with a client by setting
PXE Discovery Control == 8 (Vendor-Specific Information, sub-option #6)
and Vendor Class == "PXEClient".
This appears to be the simplest case for the handshake.
My impression of the spec is that this Vendor-Specific Option is required.
Is that not true?

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