[syslinux] A hardware tool for Syslinux

Erwan Velu erwan at seanodes.com
Fri Aug 24 04:37:28 PDT 2007

Erwan Velu wrote:
> I started a COM32 module for displaying the hardware ressources we can 
> detect in syslinux.
> I'm using the PCI COM32 module to detect the PCI devices, the CPUID 
> COM32 module for the processor, and  the DMI COM32 module to find the 
> other information (motherboard, system, cpu,..).
> About the PCI devices, I'm using the "pci.ids" file from the pciutils 
> package to display the vendor and product name.
> Then I thought that displaying the Linux kernel modules associated to 
> the PCI devices could be usefull. I'm using the "modules.pcimap" file 
> from the Linux kernel to display them.
> If some of you wants to try it :
> http://konilope.linuxeries.org/tmp/hardware.c32
> Then add both "pci.ids" and "modules.pcimap" in the root directory of 
> your tftp server.
> I really like having some reports and ideas.
> Erwan,
I saw some of you downloaded it, what's your feeling about such tool ?

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