[syslinux] Using software that uses SYS Linux for bottstrasping to run a DOS software after through PXE?

WILLIAM VASQUEZ wjvasquez0227 at email.campbell.edu
Wed Aug 29 07:52:57 PDT 2007

I apologize but I am not that familiar with Linux, and any help would be
greatly appreciated. I am using EBan network data wiping  software that uses
Sys linux for boot strapping using PXE, I need to load a hardware testing
software which is DOS based. I will be running EBan first once the process
is done I need to load the other software through PXE, what are my options?
Can a menu be created to indicate what software to boot?

William J Vasquez
Computer Recycling Supervisor
LC Industries
Tel. 919-596-8277 x117

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