[syslinux] Help Memdisk + Pxelinux hangs

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Jul 20 01:25:02 PDT 2007

Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com wrote:
> sorry that I was a bit inaccurate.
> If one uses WinImage to create floppy bootimage you have the option to save
> the image as compressed or uncompressed image. Memdisk can handle this
> (special?) format of WinImage compressed *. imz files for floppy images
> smaller/equal than 2,8MB. My experience was that memdisk can not handle the
> *.imz format for greater superfloppy images (no patitiontable).

No, that's because larger images (except LS-120 images of the exactly
right size) need the geometry specified on the command line; geometry is
determined after decompression.  As long as the images are gzipped it
shouldn't matter.


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