[syslinux] Multiboot DVD with original bootscreens kept intact

Gros Bedo gros_bedo at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 25 11:54:58 PDT 2007

This is my first post ever in a mailing-list so I hope I do the things correctly.
First, thank's to the author for these amazing tools.

With Isolinux, I
am making my own DVD multiboot with multiple liveCDs combined. I can get to work everything without even modifying livecds hierarchy. But now I need an important function that
I can't get to work: DISPLAY boot.msg

In fact to be precise, it
works perfectly the first time isolinux.cfg is shown, but if I append another cfg
with the DISPLAY command, it won't show up, even if it's the same file
! Here's an example:


DISPLAY boot.msg
LABEL main
  KERNEL menu.c32

is capitalized because the filename is that way and Linux is case
sensitive. In boot.msg you can place any message you want. APPEND
/ISOLINUX.CFG is the same as APPEND ISOLINUX.CFG in my case, it even
works better in fact (noticed less bugs when I have more complicated paths).

Now if you try this configuration, you'll
see that the first time it shows up the splash screen will show the
message, but after the other splashscreens won't. So how to do that ? I
need it in fact to keep the original messages from livecds bootscreens that can contain precious
infos. If there is another way I'm okay, but I would like to know if at
least it's possible. Maybe there is a way to combine Isolinux with GRUB ?

One more thing I noticed: even if you set PROMPT 1 the prompt will be disabled after the first screen. I think it could be because of "  KERNEL menu.c32", but I don't know what to replace this with.

I precise that I use the latest isolinux from syslinux v3.52.

Thank's for any answer.

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