[syslinux] finding mac address while in menusystem (com32)

Kjetil.Mikkelborg at kongsberg.com Kjetil.Mikkelborg at kongsberg.com
Mon Mar 3 02:46:50 PST 2008


I have made myself a derivated menusystem based on the complex.c menu that cames with syslinux.
And now I need to read a file, search for my pxebooted netcards mac address, and write some changes back to the same file.
All the writing and reading I hopes will be of no trouble, but how can i find my own mac address? (and IP adress would be nice).

I have searched the list, but I really cannot find any hints on this, so either I am trying to do something unusual, or I am blind to how to do it!

Thanks for any reply


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