[syslinux] finding mac address while in menusystem (com32)

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Mon Mar 3 04:12:31 PST 2008

Op 03-03-2008 om 11:46 schreef Kjetil.Mikkelborg at kongsberg.com:
> Hi
> I have made myself a derivated menusystem based on the complex.c menu
> that cames with syslinux.
> And now I need to read a file, search for my pxebooted netcards mac
> address, and write some changes back to the same file.
> All the writing and reading I hopes will be of no trouble, but how
> can i find my own mac address? (and IP adress would be nice).
> I have searched the list, but I really cannot find any hints on this,
> so either I am trying to do something unusual, or I am blind to how
> to do it!

What I remember for reading this list, there were some ideas about
reading the PXE structure that the PXE stack provides.

So keywords for search the list archive again would be
  PXE structure stack

Geert Stappers

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