[syslinux] Append boot device to /proc/cmdline

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Fri Dec 4 08:25:40 PST 2009

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> H. Peter Anvin wrote:
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> > Actually, a lot of people object to it, and so it will not be done
> > unconditionally.
> > 
> For example, there're more than just the Linux kernel that conform to H. Peter's 
> i386 Linux boot protocol [1].  Other such items might not appreciate the extra 
> information you've suggested that Syslinux provide automatically, Patrick.
A suggestion that will solve this problem:
When booted from FAT13/32 or EXT2/3/4, the UUID of the partition could be appended when
a new keyword 'UUID' is added to a LABEL statement.

LABEL append_uuid_to_cmdline
LINUX bzImage
INITRD initramfs
APPEND quiet

This will result in this APPEND line:
 quiet root=UUID=5d0ca1fe-78f5-4fe9-97d0-caf54be58ce7

When /proc/sys/kernel/bootloader_type is 0x33 (=51 = ISOLINUX), scan only CD/DVD drives.

- Gert Hulselmans


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