[syslinux] COM32 module: Read-Only shell

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Feb 15 16:51:53 PST 2009

Gene Cumm wrote:
> Well, here's the read-only shell (rosh) that I've been working on.
> It's functional but still quite rough.  My primary intention of
> posting it at this time is such that people have an easy way to
> demonstrate to themselves that the library calls I made work.
> This should apply as a patch to the head of the "dir" branch and the
> patch for c_cflag/c_lflag.  The patch is only needed for Linux(without
> it, segfaults will occur).  I've designed it to compile as a COM32
> module and Linux binary when using GNU C (as Syslinux currently
> requires GNU C, if I read the Makefiles correctly).

FWIW, __VA_ARGS__ is C99.


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