[syslinux] switch config file name in LILO-style "boot:"

Sean Lv lvjie at kaspersky.com.cn
Fri Jan 23 21:36:34 PST 2009

Here, I answer my own question. 

In LILO-style boot stage, it can use menu.c32 or vesamenu.c32 appending the
config file. For example,

/module/menu.c32 /pxelinux.cfg/debug

/module/vesamenu.c32 /pxelinux.cfg/debug

But I believe it is NOT same as normal pxelinux boot process(no shift key
holding during boot). Because the normal process does not rely on either
menu.c32 or vesamenu.c32. 

Any document describe this? 

Best Regards
Sean Lv Jie
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Hi all

	In syslinux.txt, there said
	If the Shift or Alt keys are held down during boot, or the Caps or
scroll locks are set, Syslinux will display a LILO-style "boot:" prompt.
	I am use pxelinux to boot my pxe client. Is there any way to let
user specify a config file in this stage? In another word, I hope I can
specify 'Debug' as config name, not the regular file name 'default' or
something like following order.
 	If what I mentioned is not supported currently. I suggest this
function can be added in further build.
Best Regards
Sean Lv Jie

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