[syslinux] [patch 1/1] syslinux: add suport for com32 entries inthe menu

Sebastian Herbszt herbszt at gmx.de
Thu Aug 25 14:39:38 PDT 2011

hpa wrote:
> On 08/25/2011 12:10 PM, Sebastian Herbszt wrote:
>> I'd rather apply my simpler alternative.
>> I hope i didn't miss anything in Jorges answer which contradicts my approach.
> Well, does it work?
> -hpa

Scratch all my previous statements, because i am not even able to reproduce the problem.

Jorges problem description is:
"The actual code only check for entries with kernel or linux, so this example will not work,
this patch is to add support to gfxboot to detect the entry COM32 and use  any module, in this case
the module is chain.c32

Version: Syslinux 4.04

UI gfxboot.c32

LABEL boot_hd0
MENU LABEL Boot from first hard drive
COM32 chain.c32

The module indeed doesn't care about the COM32 line and only parses LABEL, MENU and APPEND.
Since neither menu_ptr->kernel nor menu_ptr->linux are set the entry is called by the label and chain.c32
successfully boots from hd0. I see an issue with handling of APPEND in that case (the module calls
"boot_hd0 hd0" and we end up with "chain.c32 hd0 hd0"), but i don't think it matches the problem description.

Jorge, is this double argument the problem you are facing?


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