[syslinux] [PATCH] core/diskboot.inc: fix handover info sanity checks

rasengan rootish root at tha.ppgk.com.pl
Tue Feb 22 00:18:59 PST 2011

W dniu 22.02.2011 01:25, H. Peter Anvin pisze:
> On 02/21/2011 01:33 PM, Michal Soltys wrote:
>> I know I'm nitpicking, but... consider comparison of 16 byte long area
>> at address 7BEh ([7BEh .. 7CDh]), against 7C0h . It will not fail the
>> check using paragraphs, as 7Bh<  7Ch. But it should as it's overlapping.
>> Besides PartInfo is only 8-byte aligned currently (STACK_TOP-44-92), and
>> we have (should ?) check for all 76 bytes copied, not only 16 (it looks
>> like the check is from pre-GPT-handover times).
>> Using normal addresses make the checks pretty straightforward and
>> correct, imho (if I didn't miss anything as in v2 patch).
> What is the size impact?
> 	-hpa

Not too pretty - I can stuff it to +5 bytes with one extra change.

After that, 11 free bytes remain overall.

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