[syslinux] Some bugs on gfxboot.c32

Erwan Velu erwan.velu at free.fr
Thu Nov 3 07:26:00 PDT 2011

Le 03/11/2011 00:43, Sebastian Herbszt a écrit :
> I just tested the following config and it works as expected (both menu 
> entries
> shown):
> UI com32r/gfxboot.c32 bootlogo438
> label mga32
> kernel vmlinuz-
> label mga64
> kernel vmlinuz-

I did some other tries and it still fails :/
I tried this exact setup and it fails too.
I've been uploading an very small iso that shows the problem : 
I really wonder what make it fails.
Note that I've been testing this setups under kvm & virtualbox. I don't 
know if you tested on a real HW.

> Loading the following label works for me:
> label g2
> com32 com32r/gfxboot.c32
> append bootlogo438
> Which version of gfxboot core are you using? Is PXELINUX involved?
I'm using gfxboot 4.4.5
I tried also with isolinux and it fails too.

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