[syslinux] sugar on usb stick which has syslinux

andrew brookes andybrookestar at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 17 10:56:32 PDT 2011

just wondering if I can get any help to get a linux image booting which is
on a USB stick and I have slackware on my PC.

Basically I installed the  blueberry version of sugar onto a two gig USB
pendrive stick. I have tried it out at an internet  cafe running windows, by
restarting one of their machines , hitting F12 button and selecting boot
from USB.It works fine on windows-  I just wish I had that option on my own
old PC, but their is no boot from USB option in bios.

On my old pc I have Slackware 13.37 installed and also Salix os. I can
choose either since i managed to edit /etc/lilo.conf OK

The problem is for the life of me can not get the right details in lilo.conf
to boot the sugar  USB I can see syslinux on the stick can anyone explain
how lilo starts the sugar vmlinuz0 and which one. I can see there is a
vmlinuz0    in EFI/boot and also syslinux folder

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