[syslinux] tftpd-hpa: the tftpdir is ignored if --secure isn't used

Alkis Georgopoulos alkisg at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 12:37:18 PDT 2012

hpa answered to me in #syslinux, mentioning it's by design, as that's
how the BSD tftps works. And the tftpdir is used for path filtering.

So allow me to change the question into a feature request,
"please provide an option that will allow serving files from e.g.
/var/lib/tftpboot, without requiring the clients to specify that dir,
while allowing symlinks to point outside that dir".

That would make LTSP installations easier, and it would allow for
easier migration between tftpd-hpa / dnsmasq / aftpd, as the others
do allow symlinks to point outside the TFTP dir by default.

Thank you.

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