[syslinux] extlinux.conf not found

Giuliano Losa giuliano.losa at epfl.ch
Sun Jul 29 09:55:22 PDT 2012

I noticed the following behavior of extlinux 4.05:

I created an ext3 filesystem on the first (primary and active) partition
of a usb stick. I mounted it at /mnt/. Then I copied to /mnt/ldlinux.sys
the ldlinux.sys found in the syslinux 4.05 archive and I created a basic
Then I ran "extlinux -i /mnt/" and rebooted on the usb stick. I got
"ERROR: No configuration file found".

I tried the same procedure again but this time changing extlinux.cfg to
syslinux.cfg and it worked fine.

Is this a bug or is the documentation saying that extlinux.cfg should
work outdated?
Is it related to the following email?

It's easy enough to work around but it's a bit annoying when you don't
know it.


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