[syslinux] pxechn.c32: passing options to iPXE

Alexandre Blanchette blanalex at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 20:57:28 PDT 2013

In PXELinux 4.06 (the vanilla version, not gpxelinux.0), I'm trying to use
pxechn.c32 to call iPXE (undionly) with option 67 set to call an  iPXE

The relevant portion of my PXELinux config looks like this:

  MENU LABEL  ^B - MDT 2012 SP1
  com32 pxechn.c32
  APPEND undionly.kpxe -o 67.s=ipxe/mdt.ipxe

However iPXE doesn't seem to get the option correctly, it goes into
auto-boot mode instead of loading the script.

I've tried with pxelinux.0 and pxechn.c32 from 6.01 with the same result.

Also, while we're on the subject of pxechn.c32, in the documentation, the
purpose and the usage of the -f option is unclear: what is a 'modifier'?
There is no example of its usage.

Alexandre Blanchette <blanalex at gmail.com>

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