[syslinux] make efi64 install in syslinux-6.02-pre3 fail

Gert Hulselmans hulselmansgert at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 06:14:34 PDT 2013

You can try to change the permissions of the registry key, so you can even
deny the SYSTEM account permissions to change the value.

An old example:


2013/7/16 Michael Szerencsits <szerencsits.michael at gmx.at>

> > If the Windows OS is running and a program is checking for an optical
> > disc drive, then you really need one of:
> > - A physical optical disc drive with the expected disc
> > - A virtual optical disc drive with the expected disc
> >
> > Are you using either of these right now?  If you are using a physical
> > OD, does it have a Syslinux EFI on it?  If you are [thinking about]
> > using a virtual OD, which Windows driver will you use to drive it?
> >
> > Even if there was a (U)EFI MEMDISK, you'd need an OS driver to drive it,
> > since Windows won't be using (U)EFI to access the disc.
> >
> > - Shao Miller
> >
> It doesn't check for an optical drive. When WinPE boot, it set a registry
> entry
> with the info about the boot methode (Ramdisk, HDD, CDROM,...) The program
> looked
> into this registry entry. I can manually update the entry, but when the
> program start
> it run a windows program named wpeutil which set the value back.
> When booting via memdisk, the parameter is set to CDROM, but when booting
> via Microsoft
> bootmgfw.efi and also with wimboot the parameter is set to 'Ramdisk' and
> I'm not able to
> start the revovery procedure.
> Currently we use a CD which boot the Microsoft bootmgfw.efi to boot. I've
> not tried to
> boot syslinux.efi via CD, because I have also problems to load
> syslinux.efi via PXE on this
> notebooks.
> There is an other thread with Matt for this problem.
> I'm not sure how memdisk for BIOS boot work, but when there was a similar
> methode for EFI
> that should work. There is no extra driver in Windows for the memdisk
> boot. I think memdisk
> emulate a standard CD drive and Windows can work with that.
> Regards
> Michael
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