[syslinux] Syslinux-5.10-pre1 looks for ldlinux.c32 in TFTP instead of HTTP

Tobias Göbel kubax1983 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 05:21:12 PST 2013

Am Donnerstag, 07.03.2013 13:51, schrieb Matt Fleming:
> On Thu, 2013-03-07 at 13:32 +0100, Tobias Göbel wrote:
>> As you can see, everything is set to HTTP and i have no clue, why
>> pxelinux.0 tries to load it from TFTP anyways.
> The lwIP PXE stack is called lpxelinux.0 in 5.10-pre1, not pxelinux.0.
> pxelinux.0 is the legacy code.

Oh sorry, forgot to mention this. I just renamed lpxelinux.0 to 
pxelinux.0 because i was to lazy to recompile iPXE. But i tired if the 
nameing makes any difference. No effect sadly.

Here is a log from the TFTP Server and the HTTP server. Seems like 
pxelinux.0 tries to search the http path in the tftp server oO

Mar  7 13:56:12 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18299]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename /pxelinux/ipxe.kkpxe
Mar  7 13:56:12 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18299]: tftp: client does not accept 
Mar  7 13:56:12 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18301]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename /pxelinux/ipxe.kkpxe
Mar  7 13:56:14 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18304]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename http://***.***.***.187/ldlinux.c32
Mar  7 13:56:14 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18305]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename http://***.***.***.187//ldlinux.c32
Mar  7 13:56:14 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18306]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename http://***.***.***.187//boot/isolinux/ldlinux.c32
Mar  7 13:56:14 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18307]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename http://***.***.***.187//isolinux/ldlinux.c32
Mar  7 13:56:14 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18308]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename http://***.***.***.187//boot/syslinux/ldlinux.c32
Mar  7 13:56:14 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18309]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename http://***.***.***.187//syslinux/ldlinux.c32
Mar  7 13:56:14 dvzis-pxe in.tftpd[18310]: RRQ from ***.***.***.29 
filename http://***.***.***.187//ldlinux.c32

***.***.***.29 - - [07/Mar/2013:13:56:14 +0100] "GET /lpxelinux.0 
HTTP/1.1" 200 81391 "-" "iPXE/1.0.0+ (09c5)"

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