[syslinux] *.c32 for efi64 and efi32?

Steven Shiau steven at nchc.org.tw
Tue Apr 22 17:15:26 PDT 2014

Dear Syslinux developers,
I'd like to continue the discussion about this:
i.e. different directories for *.c32 files of BIOS, EFI32, and EFI64.
I am wondering why we can not have
*.c32 for the COMBOOT files of BIOS,
*.e32 for the COMBOOT files of EFI32
*.e64 for the COMBOOT files of EFI64
As now the ldlinux file of syslinux 6.0x has, i.e.
ldlinux.c32: BIOS
ldlinux.e32: EFI IA32
ldlinux.e64: EFI X64

Because from the doc:
it mentions:
.c32		COM32 image (32-bit COMBOOT)
Then it makes sense the *.c32 is for 32-bit. With EFI64, shall we have 
different name for that?
With the different suffixes for 3 different architectures, we can put 
all the COMBOOT files in the same tftp/ftp/http dir. Then these 2 issues 
could be solved:
1. File name extension matches to its arch.
2. We could handle BIOS and EFI clients in one server, i.e.
    make the goal of "One DHCP/PXE config for BIOS, EFI32, and EFI64 

Or maybe there are some key reasons I have missed so we can not have this?
My 2 cents.


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