[syslinux] Workaround for "hybriding" large ISO images?

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sat Aug 2 10:34:38 PDT 2014


Thomas Schmitt wrote (31 Jul 2014 17:01:19 GMT) :
> -h 64 -s 32 is said to be the best guess for images up to 1 GiB.
> -h 255 -s 63 is said to be the second best one. Needed for > 1 GiB.

Thanks a lot! I've amended our call for testing so that people also
try the latter.

>>   * I've sent a call for testing to the Tails community in order to
>>     gather experimental results in this area, but it might be that
>>     someone in here already knows better.

> It would be interesting to see how many firmwares fail resp.
> succeed whith above geometries in an ISO > 1 GiB.

Sure. I'll report back here when/if I get useful test results.


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