[syslinux] i2c bus access

João Henrique Ferreira de Freitas joaohf at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 18:32:09 PST 2014


Em 28-02-2014 20:25, H. Peter Anvin escreveu:
> Is there any of this you can do in firmware, since this is a custom 
> design? Any reason for using device tree as opposed to the more 
> x86-native native ACPI? -hpa 

We can't do it in firmware because we will use vendor x86 comexpress 
modules. Only the baseboard is a custom design and will be many models 
and using different comexpress vendors.

About the ACPI, we will use some kernel drivers that are device-tree 
enabled. But I confess that I never saw ACPI as device-tree. Good to know.


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