[syslinux] hello world

Ray Andrews rayandrews at eastlink.ca
Sun Feb 1 14:59:37 PST 2015

On 02/01/2015 01:43 PM, Ady via Syslinux wrote:
> No, a "permanent link" is a way of linking to a specific _version_ of 
> a wiki page. Let's not go off-topic. For a list of all the pages in 
> the wiki, click on "Special pages" and then on "All pages". 

Well, that's just where *I* found it for better or worse.
> As I said, the info is in the wiki, among other places. 

I know, I was just suggesting a warning message.  Nevermind.  I can only 
report my experience, if you feel your docs are fine as they are, then 
of course nothing will change.

 > There is simply no way to simultaneously satisfy every type of user / 
reader :). In the particular case of lib*.c32 files, I hope you find the 
"Library modules" wiki page user-friendly and complete enough so to 
answer to such matters.

No, of course not.  Maybe no mention of libutil.c32 is proper. I was 
confusing for me, but perhaps for other people it was no problem.

 > I think reading the wiki should answer to most of these questions. I 
must say that when a user has a practical specific issue, I would expect 
the information in the wiki to be useful. Trying to learn 
"All-things-Syslinux" without specific cases / goals / purposes would 
make it harder, IMHO.

Yeah, that's why I thought more complete info for each variation would 
be good.  I don't report that the information is not there, only that it 
might have been made more obvious.

 > Additionally, reading the Syslinux-related configuration files 
included in distros' ISO images should also help users build some 
knowledge and understanding about Syslinux directives. All this is not 
to say that there are no things to improve in the wiki; we know there 
are. I certainly appreciate the feedback. Please keep it coming.

Ok, glad to hear it, but alas, I already know something, so my virgin 
experience is gone forever.  I'm like a lab rat who has already run the 
maze once.  I find most docs in the Linux world are written by experts 
for experts.  Me, I think docs should be written for the benefit of the 
people who need the information, not for those who already know.  I'm 
one specimen of a guy who needed to know, that's all. The next guy might 
report something quite different.

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