[syslinux] hello world

r0m30 r0m30 at r0m30.com
Sun Feb 1 17:47:11 PST 2015


As someone who just recently came to the Syslinux project, with a
different agenda but still a Syslinux noob maybe I can add my

The Doc/Wiki makes perfect sense from a DEVELOPERS point of view, but
I think the point here is maybe from a USERS point of view not so

Even approaching syslinux with the purpose of building a custom .c32
module and leveraging the core syslinux boot infrastructure:

 I didn't get/see the VARIANT/variant distinction.  When I read that
it was an "of course" moment but I do think that it could be
emphasized to help other noobs. Yes I see it now on the wiki home page
but I initially thought that was an artifact of some wiki page naming

I too was bit by the library code issue but saw it as a lack of
knowledge on my part.  That's not how some (most?) USERS would see it

I really don't know what to say about the active partition issue, That
is how most boot loaders work and you will run into the issue with
just about any other boot loader.

Finally, if LILO is going EOS at the end of the year it might not be a
bad idea to create a migrating from LILO page and featuring it
prominently on the wiki home page.  I'm not suggesting a huge HOWTO
may be just a simple here are the basic differences we know about, the
VARIANT/variant convention, modules/libraries are located in
<bios|efi32|efi64>/com32/modulename, most (all?) com32 modules will
require the library code and if you're booting from a dos fs use
syslinux, if you're booting from a Linux fs use extlinux, etc.

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