[syslinux] Problems PXE booting syslinux.efi on HP EliteBook 2560p / 8460p

Patrick Masotta masottaus at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 12 06:24:29 PDT 2015

>_ There
>have been some patches already merged after 6.03. 
>Unfortunately, currently there is no _official_
>git repository *publicly* available /
> accessible that would contain such patches.
So bad; Any chance to get access to an updated git repository?
it takes long time debugging this kind of things. 

> _ The official Syslinux 6.03 uses a one-year-old (ATM) gnu-efi
>code. Updating the gnu-efi submodule to current latest gnu-efi 
>commit (2015Feb) might influence the results.
I really doubt it; the LibLocateHandle() answer is consistent with a 
missing Service Binding protocol, something that can be seen if the 
NIC EFI driver is not correctly implemented, but despite all this I'll 
give it a try.
>_ If similar newer HW can boot correctly,
>perhaps requesting from HP to 
>release updated firmware versions for those systems that 
>are failing might help?
I think we are aiming in the right direction here,
unfortunately HP (and other vendors) only update firmware bugs 
when either heavily impacting functionality or security.

>_ I guess that pcap reports might help for
>additional debugging (whether to find a
>workaround or to find a potential bug in Syslinux)?
In my case there is not a relevant pcap file;
syslinux.efi gets perfectly transferred and when it tries to get 
ldlinux.e64 it fails locating the Binding Service for UDP4, before 
aborting w/o generating any additional traffic.

>_ I am guessing that these
>systems are actually using UEFI x86_64. If 
>they are not, then this would be a potential reason for strange 
>behaviors regarding syslinux.efi and ldlinux.e64.
All my tests were conducted on 64 bit HP hardware using UEFI x86_64 firmware.


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