[syslinux] error code 1 while using syslinux

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 26 08:54:33 PDT 2015

> Hi,
> I am trying to create a bootable linux usb drive using syslinux command as given below but I am getting error as given below
> syslinux4.exe -maf G:
> Return code : 1
> Output :
> Error : Could not write the whole boot sector
> I have tried to do this with syslinux4, syslinux5, syslinux6 with the same error message. The usb drive is formatted to FAT32 drive system and has a capacity of 4GB. The OS that I am using is Windows XP SP3.
> What may be the reason behind this error? And how do I resolve it?
> ------------------------------
> Thanking you in advance,
> Amardeep 
Have you downloaded these exe files as part of the official (zip) 
archives from kernel.org? Or from somewhere else?

You might have your USB device opened by some other process, or perhaps 
you have not used administrator permissions to run syslinux.exe.

By any chance, are you using some "modified" Windows XP, such as 
"LiveXP, "BartPE" or some similar "light" edition? Have you tried the 
"syslinux64.exe" installers?

These are only rhetorical questions, for you to search where the 
problem is.

For simplicity, I would suggest:
1_ close any other programs that are accessing the USB device;
2_ "safely eject" the USB device;
3_ wait a few seconds (or even a minute);
4_ plug in the USB device again.

Now, instead of executing the syslinux.exe command (or the 
syslinux64.exe variant), perhaps you might want to try one of the GUI 
auxiliary tools to install SYSLINUX. *Some* of them (with no particular 
preference and in no particular order) are:

_ Bootice

and several others that are focused on "installing" (Linux) ISO images 
on USB devices (Unetbootin, UniversalUsbInstaller, SARDU...).

There are also GUI auxiliary tools for multiboot, but since you are 
having problems to install SYSLINUX, these other tools would be "too 
much" for your current situation.

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