[syslinux] git clone of syslinux with http - submodule issue

Gene Cumm gene.cumm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 03:50:08 PST 2015

On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 1:03 AM, Celelibi <celelibi at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2015-11-23 3:25 UTC+01:00, Gene Cumm via Syslinux <syslinux at zytor.com>:
>> On Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 5:49 PM, Ady via Syslinux <syslinux at zytor.com>
>> wrote:
>>>> The wiki:
>>>>       http://www.zytor.com/mailman/listinfo/syslinux
>>> As of the moment I am writing this email, the current version of the
>>> page you are actually referring to:
>>>  http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php?title=Development&oldid=4419
>>> was last edited on 2015Oct25.
>>>> says to use this to clone git with http rather than git protocol:
>>>>       git clone --recursive http://repo.or.cz/syslinux.git
>>>> a-new-directory
>>>> That works for the main project, but fails for the gnu-efi
>>>> submodule, which specifies the git protocol in its .config file:
>>>> ---
>>>> Robert Elliott, HPE Persistent Memory
>>> As of the current version of the aforementioned wiki page, I would not
>>> had interpreted the text the same way you wrote it here.
>>> Anyway, have you actually tried the first suggested method to clone the
>>> repo:
>>>  git clone --recursive git://repo.or.cz/syslinux.git a-new-directory
>>> using git, not http? Is _that_ working correctly?
>> Ady, no need.  Smells like he's behind a firewall that blocks tcp/9418
>> but allows tcp/80.
>> Robert, I just updated the directions and it should help your issue.
> I think Robert knows how to circumvent the issue and was just trying to help.
> Your modification of the wiki will make it always show the submodule
> as modified and some git commands might reset it to its initial state.
> While the solution proposed by Robert (using the git config
> core.gitproxy) is much more reliable.
> IMO the only question is: should we point a link to the gist or copy
> the script to the wiki?

I don't think there's a question.  If Robert would allow it, the
script should be copied to the wiki.

>>>> The syslinux wiki could point to that... but is there a direct
>>>> way to get the submodules to use http?

This was the question I was trying to answer.

Yes, .gitmodules is tracked by the repository such that it will always
show up as modified.  Certain 'git reset' commands will revert this


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