[syslinux] Problem with 90MB Initrd

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Oct 1 14:00:43 PDT 2015

On 10/01/15 13:14, Patrick Masotta wrote:
>  >>>
>  > Considering any editing/buffering benefits are only marginal (AFAIK)
> there are not benefits with the current approach.On the other hand the
> list of potential problems includes:
>  > 1) We cannot use the ubiquitous EFI PXEbc protocol forcing us to rely
> on the (not always present) EFI Binding Services.
>  > Best,Patrick
> Speaking utterly ignorantly here... could this switch help with the
> issues we see with HP systems?  The load-and-hang many of them do with
> syslinux.efi as discussed here?  E.g., maybe they implement this
> protocol a little better...?
> -Alan
> <<<
> It very well might. I remember your "load-and-hang"; that could be because
> HP just does not need to test their UDP4 Binding Services because
> bootmgfw.efi
> does not use that, then they might very well have a non-reported FW bug
> there.
> But how to know if it is a problem in our side or their side? who
> knows.. but also "who cares" is we can avoid
> using EFI UDP4 Binding Services... That's why I think we should redesign
> the conf strategy avoiding the requirement
> of simultaneous TFTP transfers and stick to PXEbc like bootmgfw.efi
> does. On that case if we got a bug
> the chances are it is just "our" fault.

Feel free to do the work.  It isn't trivial, I fear.


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