[syslinux] Still fighting localboot on EFI - looping

Alan Sparks asparks at doublesparks.net
Mon Oct 26 13:03:08 PDT 2015

On 10/26/2015 1:46 PM, Geert Stappers via Syslinux wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 12:09:40PM -0600, Alan Sparks via Syslinux wrote:
>> I'm still trying fruitlessly to get some sort of local disk boot from
>> syslinux EFI to work... using the 6.03 modules.  Tried various
>> combinations of configurations on Gene's test binaries.
> The test binariers Gene provided don't have a localboot module.
> It is wrong to mix components from different builds.

What localboot module?  What mix?   My understanding was "localboot" is
a built-in command - e.g. "localboot -1" in a menu.c32 configuration as
I mentioned.   There's no apparent fetch attempt for a localboot module.

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