[syslinux] Changes to get CD to boot on EFI System.

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Sat Apr 2 03:36:13 PDT 2016


On 02/04/2016 11:10, Thomas Schmitt via Syslinux wrote:
> Hi,
> Ady wrote:
>> I very much doubt that there is any ISO image, publicly 
>> available or not, that can boot optical media in UEFI mode by means of 
>> Syslinux for EFI as of today. I hope this status will change at some 
>> point.
>> [...]
>> I doubt that syslinux.efi (renamed as "EFI/BOOT/BOOT<arch>.EFI") 
>> is capable of booting optical media in UEFI mode at this point
> I thought Didier Spaier showed us ISOs which boot by SYSLINUX and
> Linux sitting in the EFI System Partition.
> But i cannot find an example in my ISOs collection.
> It may be i confused this with goofiboot equipped slint*.iso images.
> In my collection there is also
>   slint64-current-efi-stub.iso
> but this seems to boot by a single blob /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI of 62 MB.
> Didier ? Can you help my fading memory ?


See this thread:
and the images are still available here:

I can provide the scripts to build them upon request but in bfrief:
_ http://slint.fr/testing/slint64-14.1_syslinux.6.03/slint64-14.1_syslinux.6.03.img
can only be used to boot off a hard drive/USB stick
_ http://slint.fr/testing/slint64-current_goofiboot/slint64-current-goofiboot.iso
should be able to boot off an optical media but no syslinux inside
_ http://slint.fr/testing/slint64-current_efi-stub/slint64-current-efi-stub.iso
should be able to boot off an optical media but no syslinux inside
(just a kernel with an embedded initrd + command line)

I think that my next attempt will be using elilo, that can benefit
of a menu very similar to one can have with syslinux actually taking
inspiration from syslinux). Currently this just used to boot a installed
system, see:
but according to the documentation this coums also be used to boot off
an optical media.

Have a good day.


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