[syslinux] Changes to get CD to boot on EFI System.

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 4 09:26:33 PDT 2016

> In case it ever becomes important to have an EFI boot image larger
> than 32 MB, there are xorriso.exe around. Based on Cygwin, i guess.
> It should also be possible to build GNU xorriso in Cygwin from source.
> Have a nice day :)
> Thomas

Thomas, the "xorriso.exe" files that are available are not really 
"around". They are not easy to find, and they are old versions. I am 
just mentioning this so to avoid giving the impression that some 
Windows user could "easily" use xorriso. Now, if such user wants to 
build xorriso from source under Windows, that's not "easy" nor a task 
"for everyone".

For a Windows-based command-line tool, "mkisofs.exe" _is_ easily 
available (together with the whole CDRTOOLS / CDRECORD binary archive) 
in its very latest (alpha) version, 3.02a06.


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