[syslinux] Failed to load ldlinux.e64 Boot Failed

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 28 03:46:43 PDT 2016

> Failed to load ldlinux.e64 Boot Failed
> http://bugzilla.syslinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71
IMHO, the reports are much more useful here in the Syslinux Mailing 
List, for several reasons including the possibility to search their 
contents easier than in the Syslinux Bugzilla (which is unmaintained).

FWIW, I am currently failing to build Syslinux, at least partially. 
Downloading snapshots at some of the recent commits, some of them fail 
to build, and some of them build only part of the binaries, not all of 

Additionally, I also tried with specific targets, such as 'make 
installer', also with errors.

As reported previously this month in another email thread, the 
DOS-based installer in 6.04-pre1 fails. I successfully built 
"syslinux.com" from a snapshot of current git master head, and it seems 
to execute correctly. Unfortunately, once booting the desired media it 
fails with:

Failed to load ldlinux.c32

Considering that I am not a developer, the details of the environment 
in which I tried to build Syslinux this time are not very relevant, but 
they are certainly very different than the environment used by Poma; 
mainly, much older versions except for the Syslinux snapshot. The 
failures to build might not be related to the particular environment, 
considering that other users have also reported similar failures to 
build the current Syslinux git master head while using other 
environments (such as Debian 8.3), or they were unable to successfully 
boot with the resulting binaries.

The reason I am posting in this email thread is because the "Failed to 
load ldlinux.c32" I mentioned above seems to be "equivalent" to what 
Poma is reporting, although the scenario is very different. In 
addition, I am hoping for other users to try to replicate and report 
feedback (whether with failures or success).

I am aware that most developers would normally test with some 
network-booting scenario; I hope the "syslinux.com" DOS-based installer 
gets to be tested too, perhaps even showing what is wrong with the 
current code.

As a note aside, although I was able to build "syslinux.com" in _some_ 
cases, I am failing to build the "syslinux*.exe" installers. Perhaps 
the reason was my building environment (in which case, I wouldn't care 
much) but perhaps it is something in the current code / make files.

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