[syslinux] syslinux mkisofs hard-disk-boot isohybrid

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 23 04:56:12 PST 2016

> Hi,
> Ady wrote:
> > the UEFI specs do state that the ESP is supposed 
> > to be set/used as no-emulation mode
> > ...
> > the UEFI specs should tolerate / accept this situation, rather than 
> < restricting the ESP to no-emulation mode.
> My criticism towards this UEFI implementation is that it probably cannot
> serve as realistic test bed for the first stage of UEFI booting. It seems
> far too tolerant towards standards deviations.
At this time I'd rather focus on syslinux.efi not being able to boot 
optical media in UEFI mode by means of the no-emulation method as 
described in the UEFI specs, instead of taking Pascal's case (and its 
resulting qemu's behavior) as base for testing other UEFI 
> in previous post, Ady wrote:
> > Is there anyone that is willing to add more options and alternatives
> > to isohybrid [...] ?
> That's not easy.
There is no developer that has attempted to answer the question of 
booting optical media in UEFI mode using syslinux.efi, in spite of 
years of being asked in this Syslinux mailing list, again and again.

Let's first see syslinux.efi booting (virtual) optical media in UEFI 
mode using the so-called "efiboot.img" (super)floppy image as El Torito 
no-emulation, just as any other UEFI bootloader that claims to do so 
(and actually does). Only then, we can discuss whether there is a need 
for isohybrid changes, or whatever else might be needed / convenient.



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