[syslinux] When is PATH directive used?

Alexander Perlis aperlis at math.lsu.edu
Fri Jun 10 10:00:56 PDT 2016

With 6.03, I'm trying the "common directory distinct config" approach 
from http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php?title=PXELINUX-Multi-Arch 
which essentially sets a different PATH (for BIOS vs EFI64). It seems 
PATH is correctly used to load .c32 modules, but not to load 'memdisk':

   PATH syslinux/bios
   UI vesamenu.c32   <-- WORKS (tries /vesamenu.c32, 404 error,
                           then tries /syslinux/bios/vesamenu.c32)
   LINUX memdisk     <-- FAILS (only tries /memdisk, 404 error,
                      actual file location is /syslinux/bios/memdisk,
                      but no requests are issued for that location)
   APPEND ...

Is this a bug or intentional? I also tried an "INCLUDE arch.cfg" 
statement, with that file located at /syslinux/[arch]/arch.cfg , and 
PATH is similarly ignored, so it appears that PATH might only be used 
for loading C32 modules. Is there some other directive I should be 
using? Or any suggestion on how to make "common directory distinct 
config" work?


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