[syslinux] When is PATH directive used?

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 10 11:01:06 PDT 2016

> With 6.03, I'm trying the "common directory distinct config" approach 
> from http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php?title=PXELINUX-Multi-Arch 
> which essentially sets a different PATH (for BIOS vs EFI64). It seems 
> PATH is correctly used to load .c32 modules, but not to load 'memdisk':
>    PATH syslinux/bios
>    UI vesamenu.c32   <-- WORKS (tries /vesamenu.c32, 404 error,
>                            then tries /syslinux/bios/vesamenu.c32)
>    ...
>    LINUX memdisk     <-- FAILS (only tries /memdisk, 404 error,
>                       actual file location is /syslinux/bios/memdisk,
>                       but no requests are issued for that location)
>    APPEND ...
> Is this a bug or intentional? I also tried an "INCLUDE arch.cfg" 
> statement, with that file located at /syslinux/[arch]/arch.cfg , and 
> PATH is similarly ignored, so it appears that PATH might only be used 
> for loading C32 modules. Is there some other directive I should be 
> using? Or any suggestion on how to make "common directory distinct 
> config" work?
> Thanks,
> Alex
Have you read the "See also" section(s) of the wiki page(s)?

Some relevant wiki pages for your question would be "Directives/path", 
"Config#PATH", "Config#CONFIG", "Working_directory"...

By reading the relevant wiki pages, a user should (_hopefully_) get to 
the conclusion that the PATH directive is relevant for c32 modules, and 
not a replacement for the CONFIG / INCLUDE directives nor for relative 
paths based on the "Working Directory".

Is there some paragraph / sentence that might give a different 

So, no, the case you are presenting here is not a bug.

Having said that, there is a (known) bug regarding the PATH directive 
when using absolute (i.e. non-relative) paths notation in the 
configuration file(s), and as a consequence, its documentation is 

In other words, put the c32 modules in the adequate (sub)directory, use 
the PATH directive accordingly, and use relative paths notation in the 
configuration file for directives other than PATH and for files other 
than c32 modules.


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