[syslinux] Getting HTTP path-prefix to work with syslinux.efi

Alexander Perlis aperlis at math.lsu.edu
Sat Jun 11 07:33:43 PDT 2016

>> Developers: whereas with legacy BIOS both "-a path-prefix" and "-b
>> path-prefix" work, yet on syslinux.efi it seems "-a path-prefix" causes
>> corrupt behavior (value is neither ignored nor used correctly), this seems
>> like a bug. If a developer on this list would like to have me run other
>> tests for you on my hardware, I'm happy to oblige.
> Interesting.
> Was this with an official precompiled binary from the binary/source
> archive file?  What version?
> -- 
> -Gene

Yes. Had the problem w 6.03, then tried 6.04-pre1, same problem, then changed to -b path-prefix, success. Did not go back to 6.03 to see whether -b would have helped there.


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