[syslinux] Getting HTTP path-prefix to work with syslinux.efi

Alexander Perlis aperlis at math.lsu.edu
Mon Jun 13 16:16:32 PDT 2016

I previously wrote:
 > On a whim, I then tried "-b path-prefix" instead of "-a path-prefix",
 > and that was the solution! Everything works!

Oops, I spoke too soon. With syslinux.efi, using "-b path-prefix 
http://my.ip.address/" merely "works" because it's the same as not 
specifying the option at all: files get transferred by TFTP.

Thus, the only way for me to get HTTP transfers would be to use "-a 
path-prefix" (which is what I do with BIOS architecture). However, in 
syslinux.efi 6.03 and 6.04pre1, with UEFI architecture, this causes 
syslinux.efi to hang (no attempt by the client to talk on the network).

Is syslinux.efi supposed to be able to handle HTTP URLs?


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