[syslinux] About 4.xx and 6.xx. WAS: Making a 6.04

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Tue May 31 18:24:37 PDT 2016

> On 01/06/2016 00:28, H. Peter Anvin via Syslinux wrote:
> > There seem to be a bunch of bug fixes in the 6.04 branch that people
> > really need.  Do we know of any current regressions?  Otherwise we
> > really ought to just push the button...
> I am a user of syslinux 4.0.7 to boot installers on BIOS aka Legacy.
> Knowing that 4.0.7 has been released on 2013-07-25, and not being able
> to check if changes have been made since then that would deserve a
> release (I am only aware of a commit for ishoybrid.c) I am wondering:
> would a version 4.0.8 provide  signficant advantages over 4.0.7?
> Then I would request it.

There were several potential fixes and improvements that were never 
back-ported to the "syslinux-4.xx" branch. The very few commits in that 
branch could be added to interested distributions without releasing a 
new official version.

Moreover, there were potential new features / additions that were also 
not introduced to the "syslinux-4.xx" branch.

IMHO, the few changes after 4.07 do not justify a 4.08 official 

> I know that I could migrate to upcoming 6.0.4. but am unable to see what
> that brings that I can't do with 4.0.7, considering that I am not
> interested on EFI for syslinux: elilo is good enough for just booting an
> installer from an USB stick or optical media[1] and there are also other
> options for booting an installed OS.
> Didier
> [1]And as far as I know 6.0.3 can't boot from an optical media on UEFI
> anyway.
IMHO, and knowing that you are using Slackware, I would suggest against 
upgrading to the 6.xx branch. The regressions (and other issues) 
present in 6.xx against 4.xx would not be worth the upgrade.


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