[syslinux] menu.c32 background problem

Barry Kauler bkauler at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 00:09:41 PDT 2017

Hi guys,
Would someone mind advising me about this, a very simple menu:

ui menu.c32

menu title Boot Manager
default quirky
timeout 100

label quirky
menu label Easy 0.2.6
kernel vmlinuz
append root=/dev/sda3 rootwait rw

label Help
menu help help.msg

File 'help.msg' is a text file, if I select it, the previous menu
remains in the background, between the characters. If I hit Esc to go
back to the menu, then the characters of help.msg remain in the

I am very surprised that this is the default behaviour. Anyway, is
there any way to clear the screen each time?

I know that 'vesamenu.c32' works, however it has a different problem,
a blinking cursor just to the left of the menu,  that I don't know how
to get rid of.

Any help will be appreciated.

Note, I am using syslinux from Ubuntu 16.04.2, presume that is 6.03.


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