[syslinux] Verify contents before boot?

Shao Miller syslinux at sha0.net
Fri Aug 4 14:12:53 PDT 2017

On 8/4/2017 17:04, Bret Schuhmacher wrote:
> This is kind of related to my other question about putting extra data 
> on the disc after the bootable ISO image... I want to write a bootable 
> ISO and include some extra stuff on it... the hash and some customer 
> data.  The idea is that when the disc is booted from, this preboot 
> program calculates the hash of the ISO *only*, compares it to the 
> stored hash and lets the operator know the hash checked or failed.  
> This shouldn't be an issue with write once media, but it will go a 
> LONG way towards acceptance of what I'm doing.  It'll make the 
> operator and the regulatory bodies feel warm and fuzzy that the stuff 
> on the disc is the ACTUAL stuff that's supposed to be on the disc and 
> no one has altered it in any way.

I don't know how to incorporate additional data beyond the ISO, but 
perhaps someone else does.  My memory about multiple "write sessions" 
(or whatever they're called) is poor.  Google seemed to offer me this, 
but I'ven't gone through it, yet: 

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