[syslinux] Help for setting up windows unattended installation

Shao Miller syslinux at sha0.net
Thu Dec 7 21:03:07 PST 2017

Good day, Kenneth.

Thank you for sharing your success with linux.c32.  Your newest question 
about Windows setup seems out-of-scope for the Syslinux mailing-list, 
but perhaps someone here will have an idea.  If not, perhaps you could 
try the http://reboot.pro forum.

If the Windows setup environment has drivers to support your network 
card, perhaps you can put the driver for the disk controller on a 
network share, then install it from that share while you're in the 
Windows setup environment.

Good fortune with your goals.

Shao Miller
Synthetel Corporation
W: https://www.synthetel.com

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