[syslinux] New gnu-efi release (3.0.5)

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 8 10:19:41 PDT 2017

> Hi together,
> The gnu-efi project released in January a new version: 3.0.5.
> Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to find a release-note or such.
> Fact is, syslinux has some difficulties building with that version.
Syslinux's devs might or might not reply to your email, so here are 
some comments, FWIW.

If you mean that you have gnu-efi v.3.0.5 installed in your system and 
you are assuming that Syslinux is using your local gnu-efi version as a 
building dependency, such assumption is probably incorrect.

Generally speaking, the gnu-efi submodule in Syslinux points to a 
specific gnu-efi commit, and does not care (much) about which version 
of gnu-efi you have installed in your system.

At the time I am writing this email, the gnu-efi submodule in Syslinux 
is pointing to the following gnu-efi commit:


"Initialize Status before calling GrowBuffer()"

The above gnu-efi snapshot is being used in Syslinux since 2014-Feb-22.

At this moment, the latest upstream gnu-efi commit is dated 2017-Jun-01 
(more than 125 new gnu-efi commits since [ab54e2]).

If you are using git and you have customized the gnu-efi submodule in 
Syslinux so as to point it to a newer gnu-efi commit, you might also 
want to look at the 'efi/*gnu-efi*.sh' scripts in Syslinux's source 


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