[syslinux] Syslinux FONT Command

Ercan Ersoy ercanersoy at outlook.com
Sat Jun 24 07:13:35 PDT 2017

I'm using Syslinux 6.03. I'm using FONT command. I have converted 
cp857.08, cp857.14 and cp857.16 these are KBD Project fonts to PSF file 
format. My isolinux.cfg file's encoding is CP857 (Turkish VGA/DOS Font 
Encoding). But FONT command doesn't work.

My isolinux.cfg file's content is below:

FONT cp857.psf


But these characters (çöişüğÇÖİŞÜĞ) don't work correctly. (My screen 
does display wrong characters.) By the time, I delete command line what 
is including FONT command, my screen displays same characters.

Note: "çöişüğÇÖİŞÜĞ" is not a real word in Turkish.

Why FONT command doesn't work?



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