[syslinux] Patches from Debian

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 22 15:49:53 PDT 2017

> Hi,
> I've recently started working on the syslinux package on Debian.  I
> noticed there are a few patches applied to the Debian version which
> seem generally useful to me.  Please consider merging them:
> * 0001-digest-sha.patch: It appears that "Digest::SHA1" has been
>   superseded by "Digest:SHA".
> * 0003-extlinux-manpage.patch: Updates to the extlinux man page.
> * 0009-reproducible-build.patch: More reproducible order (most of it
>   was already solved in be645d7a9848847388a662f6c0f7571d52ed7a05).
> * 0015-reproducible-timestamps.patch: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
>   environment variable [1], if available, to create reproducible mtimes
>   in the files created by bin2c.pl.
> Note that the attached patches are not identical to the ones in
> Debian's syslinux source package:  I've rebased them against current
> syslinux git HEAD and dropped parts that have become unnecessary or
> were already applied.  And I've just now updated the extlinux man page a
> bit :) .
> Thank you
> Lukas
> [1] https://reproducible-builds.org/specs/source-date-epoch/

Let's not forget that upstream Syslinux FTBFS when building with 
binutils 2.27+:

 "ldlinux.elf: Not enough room for program headers"

Workaround in Debian's package:
_ Add --no-dynamic-linker to link lines
_ 0014_fix_ftbfs_no_dynamic_linker.patch

The yet-to-be-answered question I posted here in the Syslinux Mailing 
List during 2017-Feb [2]:

Is there a better solution?

And, would any such patch affect negatively when building with older 
versions of binutils (e.g. other/older OS/environment)?


[2] www.syslinux.org/archives/2017-February/025531.html 

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