[syslinux] fixing debian's hd-media image

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 3 07:56:35 PST 2018

> Now it is just dd, mkfs and copy in the files we need.
> One less thing to worry about keeping versions consistent.

> > > I just noticed those 2 files that were added by
> > > syslinux -i boot.img
> > > (right?)
> >
> >
> > Yes, those 2 files came from your 'syslinux' command (in your other
> > email). We don't want anything related to BIOS for now. Hopefully we'll
> > get there at some point. If you can, please comment out the
> > BIOS-related stuff in your script for now.
> removed all that.
We'll come back to that later, when we combine UEFI with BIOS in the 
same boot.img.

> > > http://imgr.sytes.net/a/qemu5.png
> >
> >
> > Are we actually dealing with ipxe too in all these tests?
> >
> Hmm?
> we are dealing with whatever QEMU uses for a boot manager.
Your qemu5.png shows ipxe too (my guess is that the boot order is set 
to try ipxe first, and if it fails then "boot from hard disk").

Additionally, the same qemu5.png shows a Syslinux message: "No 
configuration file found", which is not consistent with our tests (as 
shown in your qemu4.png).

I must be "missing" something from your report.

> I think the debian package contains broken binaries. I'll chase down the mainter
> Maintainer: Debian CD Group <debian-cd at lists.debian.org>
> Swell.  I have a few friends, I'll find someone :p
> I came to this conclusion by swapped out the files from the debian
> package with syslinux-6.04-pre1.tar.gz and get a nice menu.
> -cp /usr/lib/SYSLINUX.EFI/efi64/syslinux.efi $target/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI
> -cp /usr/lib/syslinux/modules/efi64/ldlinux.e64 $target/EFI/BOOT/LDLINUX.E64
> -cp /usr/lib/syslinux/modules/efi64/* $target/EFI/BOOT/SYSLINUX/EFI64
> +# wget -N https://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/boot/syslinux/Testing/6.04/syslinux-6.04-pre1.tar.gz
> +# tar -xvf syslinux-6.04-pre1.tar.gz
> +cp syslinux-6.04-pre1/efi64/efi/syslinux.efi $target/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI
> +cp syslinux-6.04-pre1/efi64/com32/elflink/ldlinux/ldlinux.e64
> $target/EFI/BOOT/LDLINUX.E64
> +cp syslinux-6.04-pre1/efi64/com32/modules/*.c32 $target/EFI/BOOT/SYSLINUX/EFI64
> +cp syslinux-6.04-pre1/efi64/com32/lib/*.c32 $target/EFI/BOOT/SYSLINUX/EFI64
> +cp syslinux-6.04-pre1/efi64/com32/libutil/*.c32 $target/EFI/BOOT/SYSLINUX/EFI64
> +cp syslinux-6.04-pre1/efi64/com32/menu/*.c32 $target/EFI/BOOT/SYSLINUX/EFI64
> http://imgr.sytes.net/a/qemu6.png
The maintainer of the Syslinux packages in Debian is Lukas Schwaighofer 
(irc: lus). FWIW, official upstream 6.04-pre1 was built 2 years ago; 
the packages from Debian might have a building problem, but they also 
include several improvements. Lukas might be able to help with the 
error message you are getting, although, I'm still not %100 convinced 
that the problem is in the build / source code (it might, but I have 
other "suspects" too).

I might prepare some "UEFIx64 floppy image" for you to boot with qemu 
in UEFIx64 mode, "as-is" (i.e. as raw floppy image, no network booting 
first, no hard disk attached, just boot the floppy in UEFIx64 mode). 
Would you be able to perform such test if I prepare such floppy image?


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